Dave Manning


L to R: Jane Andrews, Jo Taylor, Alice Johansen, Jodi Barnes, Maureen Sherbondy, Bruce Lader, Arnie Johanson, Dave Manning.

     Once a month, on a Saturday, our critique group meets to go over
     and comment on poems which we have e-mailed to each other
     a few days in advance. We have had excellent results ! Many of the             
     poems from our work have subsequently appeared in poetry journals,
     chapbooks and full-length collections.
Joanna Catherine Scott, Ruth Moose and Dave Manning at McIntyres Books
Coyla Berry, Dave Manning and Margaret Baddour at Quail Ridge Books and Music
Bruce Lader, Debra Kaufman and Dave Manning at McIntyres Books
Ruth Moose, Dave Manning and Sara Claytor at McIntyres Books

Western Wake Library Program

Poetry and Prose…Counterparts or Continuum ? This evening we will discuss 
poetry and prose: differences, similarities, including their overlap in prose poems 
and flash fiction and poetic novels.

The main question: are they truly distinct or do they represent a continuum ?
We will begin with the best-known differences of (most) poetry and prose.

Then, using these distinctions, we will present examples of some lineated poems
we, and some others, have written by abstracting and condensing poetic sections of
novels—prose. Finally we will consider the prose poem--poetry or prose?

                                                                 OTHER PRESENTATIONS BY DAVID T. MANNING

                                          "From Song to Singing: Poetry in Vocal Music" Workshop/Lecture on music written
                                          to great poetry, North Carolina Poetry Society, Weymouth Center, January 15, 2000.

                                          "On Poetry" Address to NCSU Woman's Book Club, November 22, 2005.

                                          "The Use of Humor in Serious Poetry" Roundtable presentation with Pat Riviere-Seel 
                                           at "Walking into April," Barton College, April 12, 2008.

                                          "Sitting Down with a Poem" Presentation to the Heritage Pines Community Association,
                                           March 22, 2009.

                                           Address at "Living Poetry" series, Ashley Park, Raleigh, NC, March 21, 2010.

                                          "A Celebration of Writing at Barton College," Symposium with Sally Logan and Charles
                                           Blackburn, Jr., March 21, 2011.